Monday, October 15, 2012

The Faux Tebow Sob-Story

In light of a recent article by Les Carpenter, I felt the need to vent just a little bit about the supposed "poor Tim Tebow" coverage that seems to be never-ending:

Tim Tebow, by all accounts, is a great person. He does good things for people who could do for some good things in life. He sticks to his values and preaches them without shame. He is a commendable individual and that should not be overlooked.

He is not, however, a starting-caliber quarterback. He just isn't. The sooner people realize this when considering the other quarterbacks in the league, the sooner we can stop having this 'well, they're not giving him a fair shake' talk and move on. 

This "unwanted man" story? It exists because the media want something to latch onto instead of facing the fact that Tim Tebow is not a good quarterback. It exists because making Tebow look like the stepped-on guy that is being treated unfairly makes people feel like cheering for him means something. But this is not reality.

In reality, Tebow is being used more than adequately. He's receiving more press than he should as a player. He had a chance to be the starter, and thanks to a combination of luck and adequate performances from him and his supporting cast, he did as well as could be expected. But given the performances we have seen with scattered, inaccurate passes and what amounts to an ability to juke sometimes and how it compares to other starting quarterbacks in the league, he just doesn't have it. 

And you know what? That's ok. He doesn't need to be the starting QB that Skip Bayless idiotically dotes that he is. He just needs to be the man that he is. The sooner the media realize this, the better. Because I'm getting really tired of the "woe is me" media coverage for a man who I highly doubt victimizes himself as much as the media does on his behalf.

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