Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another Year of Opportunities Awaits Mahomet - January Mahomet Citizen Editorial

Every new year, the same old song and dance includes naming off a list of changes most people will give one or two attempts to achieve before giving up.

The tradition of ending resolutions early is nearly as well-known as the tradition of making them in the first place, often times giving little meaning to the oft-uttered new diet/workout plan people rave about in the first week and curse the next.

However, given the amount of resolve within the community of Mahomet, there should be no reason why resolutions shouldn’t only succeed, but encompass the core values of the community at the same time.

Everywhere one turns, there are individuals within Mahomet’s borders with ideas that could very easily energize the community in new ways.

One such idea from 2009 that found its way into fruition is the community tennis organization. Though it is geared towards children, the fact of the matter is it was started after a few individuals determined Mahomet lacked tennis, so they got together and made a plan on who to bring it to the area.

So why can’t other residents try something similar? For a community said to be growing, there should be no shortage of ideas coming from the residents who live here about ways to (within reason) improve or enhance the atmosphere and appeal of Mahomet.

Obviously certain things will require more time and consideration than others, and some things will simply be unattainable... at first.

However, with the right lines of communication with village and township governments, organizational leaders, community business leaders and other community leaders, the only thing standing in the way of development and growth should be money and red tape.

Once that point is reached, if the idea is solvent enough to be taken further, the money issue can be examined in kind and once that is resolved, the red tape can be addressed.

Dan Waldinger of the Mahomet parks and recreation department said it best in an article last month, that Mahomet isn’t huge, but it’s not small anymore either.

The question now becomes, with the new year upon them, how will village residents and leaders move Mahomet forward?

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