Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Best Things in This Life Are... - 8-5-09 Editor's Column

I’ve come to the conclusion that life is full of moments that are meant to remind us that if we take the time to see the simple joys of life, we can find ways to appreciate it more.

I had the opportunity to witness and experience such a moment on my vacation last month.

It was late, and Tania (my wife) and I were walking down Waikiki Beach, which was alive with the lights that adorned it from shopping outlets and restaurants that lined the street on the opposite side from where we were walking. However, as we continued down the beach walk, we came upon a man who was easily in his 70s with a small crowd around him.

As we got close enough to see him, we heard the sound of a violin and saw that it was the very same man that was playing.

Tania, who also plays the violin, stopped and watched as I followed suit and took in the melodies that were making their way from this man’s instrument.

As I watched him play, I could see something that I don’t often see on the faces of people busking around town: A sense of peace.

The smile on his face did not do his personality or demeanor justice as he interacted with those around him and played songs based on the topics that were brought up.

At one point, Tania requested a melody by Bach that she confessed was one of her favorites. With that ever-warming smile on his face, the man put his chin on its rest and played the melody note for note as though he had the music right in front of him.

As she smiled and talked with him about her experience with the violin, he said to the both of us “you must be honeymooners,” which was true, to an extent, as we forewent a honeymoon following or wedding to save for a trip we really wanted (this trip).

Obliging his curiosity, he introduced us to a song that we would hear several more times on our trip, known as the “Hawaiian Wedding Song.”

Again, he worked the strings with as much passion as one would find in a concert hall and as much love as one would find in the hands of the most seasoned artist. And as we stood there and took in that moment that he had created for us, all the lights behind us and the ocean in front of us seemed just a distant distraction.

Of all the things we did on our vacation, I will remember the man and his violin as one of the fondest memories. It was through this instance that I was again reminded that sometimes, some of the best things in life are ones that remind us just how much beauty can be found in simplicity and love.

I would encourage all of you to take the time and let a moment in time simply take you away. If you do, then I hope you enjoy, and remember that whatever you find yourself doing in life, enjoy the view.

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